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Animal noun – One of the lower animals as distinguished from human beings.
Usage example: we saw a lot of animals at the wildlife refuge—cranes, alligators, deer, a fox, even an armadillo

Creature is a synonym for animal in beast topic. In some cases you can use "Creature" instead a noun "Animal", when it comes to topics like nature, living thing, mammal. popular alternative
Nearby Words: animate, animation, animalism
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Creature noun – One of the lower animals as distinguished from human beings.
Usage example: a saint who is celebrated for his love of birds and other small creatures

Animal is a synonym for creature in living thing topic. You can use "Animal" instead a noun "Creature", if it concerns topics such as beast, nature, being. popular alternative
Nearby Words: create, creation, creator, creating
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How words are described

particular particular animal particular creature
similar similar animal similar creature
alien alien animal alien creature
single single animal single creature
Other adjectives: poor, small, intelligent, powerful, real, large, big, huge, dangerous, little, tiny, living, cute, new, larger, flying, titular, strange, different, giant, furry, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Our Werebeasts Are Different The preference for examples on this trope is for creatures explicity called "were", however very similar cases of human-animal transformation can also be listed, if the nature of the character or creature is strongly linked to a specific animal species.
  • The Beastmaster Tavros of Homestuck can psychically control pretty much any kind of animal or creature, including the trolls' guardian lusus.
  • The Beastmaster A type of character who uses the assistance of an animal, force of nature, or just some sort of not-highly-sentient creature to help them fight.
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