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Animal adjective – Of or relating to the human body.
Usage example: had intellectual as well as animal needs

Physical is a synonym for animal in carnal topic. In some cases you can use "Physical" instead an adjective "Animal", when it comes to topics like body, fleshly, beastlike. popular alternative
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Physical adjective – Of or relating to the human body.
Usage example: physical sensations such as heat and pain

Animal is a synonym for physical in body topic. You can use "Animal" instead an adjective "Physical", if it concerns topics such as carnal, brutish, fleshly, sexual. popular alternative
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Things that words describes

objects animal objects physical objects
weapons animal weapons physical weapons

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  • Useful Notes / Richard Dawkins The Extended Phenotype (1982) - Dawkins discusses the idea that animal behavior and its impact on the environment is as much part of a creature's phenotype as its physical body.
  • This can be done subtly with symbolism or Theme Naming, or more blatantly by giving the character physical traits or mannerisms of the animal, or even by making the animal itself the character.
  • Animorphism In any case, a physical transformation into an animal may be accompanied by a mental transformation into that animal, more so if it was involuntary.
    Source: Animorphism
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