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Animated adjective – Having much high-spirited energy and movement.
Usage example: an animated group of girls loudly running down the hall

Gay is a synonym for animated in lively topic. In some cases you can use "Gay" instead an adjective "Animated", when it comes to topics like characteristic, spirited.
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Gay adjective – Having much high-spirited energy and movement.
Usage example: couples dancing a gay, fast-paced jig

Animated is a synonym for gay in cheerful topic. You can use "Animated" instead an adjective "Gay", if it concerns topics such as characteristic, lively, spirited, happy.
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scene animated scene gay scene
example animated example gay example
characters animated characters gay characters

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  • ABC Family cut the song "Give Your Heart a Try" from the Rankin/Bass animated version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas because of the use of the word "gay" in the lyrics.
  • Word of Gay According to Greg Weisman, Irma is gay (or possibly bisexual) in the animated version of Witch.
    Source: Word of Gay
  • Token White Although he's still a minority, too: the character he was based off from the comic was gay, and Dwayne McDuffie had stated animated Richie was gay, too.
    Source: Token White
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