Animated and Sleepy


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Animated adjective – Having much high-spirited energy and movement.
Usage example: an animated group of girls loudly running down the hall

Sleepy is an antonym for animated.
Nearby Words: animate, animation, animatedly, animating, animator
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Sleepy adjective – Slow to move or act.
Usage example: a sleepy little town on the coast

Animated is an antonym for sleepy in topics: drowsy, tired.
Nearby Words: sleep, sleeping, sleeper, sleepless, sleepiness
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Things that words describes

appearance animated appearance sleepy appearance
form animated form sleepy form
series animated series sleepy series
features animated features sleepy features
Other nouns: music.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Dead Can Dance According to the ditty sung by Brom Bones in Disney's animated version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the reason for the Headless Horseman being so vicious is because he's so scary even the other spooks don't want him around, and they won't let him come to their parties.
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