Animosity and Enmity


Animosity noun - A deep-seated ill will.
Usage example: his open animosity towards us made our meeting very uncomfortable

Enmity is a synonym for animosity in hostility topic. In some cases you can use "Enmity" instead a noun "Animosity", when it comes to topics like love, resentment, malice, antipathy. popular alternative

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Enmity noun - A deep-seated ill will.
Usage example: enmity had existed between the two families for generations

Animosity is a synonym for enmity in hostility topic. You can use "Animosity" instead a noun "Enmity", if it concerns topics such as love, resentment, malice, grudge. popular alternative

How words are described

particular particular animosity particular enmity
deep deep animosity deep enmity
actual actual animosity actual enmity
real real animosity real enmity
Other adjectives: massive, great, intense, little, personal, political, past, mutual, growing, everlasting, escalating, resulting, racial, existing, historical, long-standing.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Jessica Jones Kilgrave's animosity with Daredevil is omitted to give more focus on Kilgrave's enmity with Jessica.
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