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Announce verb – Give the names of.
Usage example: He announced the winners of the spelling bee

Name is a synonym for announce in introduce topic. In some cases you can use "Name" instead a verb "Announce".
Nearby Words: announcement, announced, announcer, announcing
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Name verb – To make reference to or speak about briefly but specifically.
Usage example: I don't want to name anyone in particular, but someone in this room fiddled with my car's radio

Announce is a synonym for name in choose topic. Sometimes you can use "Announce" instead a verb "Name".
Nearby Words: named, nameless, naming
Synonyms for Name

Common collocations

change announce change name change
name announce name name name
form announce form name form
show announce show name show
Other nouns: time, way, game, movie, times, names, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Say My Name Fabian Cortez kidnapped Luna Maximoff, and when her father, Quicksilver, shows up, he screams out Cortez's name, with Cortez commenting drily that he should get Quicksilver to announce his name with such conviction whenever he enters a room.
    Source: Say My Name
  • Aside Glance Whenever his character would announce his name, he would stare into the camera and shout his name.
    Source: Aside Glance
  • A favorite is to announce the station name with tons of sound effects and yelling.
    Source: Sensory Abuse
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