Announcement and Statement


Announcement noun - A public statement containing information about an event that has happened or is going to happen.
Usage example: the announcement appeared in the local newspaper
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Synonyms for Announcement

Statement is a synonym for announcement in assertion topic. In some cases you can use "Statement" instead a noun "Announcement", when it comes to topics like proclamation, dictum, text, communication. popular alternative


Statement noun - Something that is said.
Usage example: her statement was met with considerable skepticism
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Synonyms for Statement

Announcement is a synonym for statement in declaration topic. You can use "Announcement" instead a noun "Statement", if it concerns topics such as assertion, dictum, text. popular alternative

Nearby Words: state, stated, statute, stating

How words are described

full full announcement full statement
brief brief announcement brief statement
short short announcement short statement
public public announcement public statement
Other adjectives: prepared, formal, original, initial, single, simple, actual, big, infamous, opening, famous, dramatic, general, official, above, random, last, controversial, recent, earlier, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Global Ignorance Following the announcement that the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing were Chechens, so many Twitter users thought Chechens were from the Czech Republic that the Czech ambassador put out a statement which basically said, "we're not Chechnya".
  • Film / Them! An Invoked Trope when the authorities go public; before beginning their announcement, they introduce a tableful of generals and scientists to support the statement that's about to be made, so the public will believe it.
    Source: Film / Them!
  • Literature / Black Sunday Some events become known to Kabakov, who eventually comes to the conclusion that the target will be the Super Bowl, in view of the statement in the terrorist announcement that was captured early.The book and the movie have several differences.
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