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Answer verb – To do what is required by the terms of.
Usage example: I don't have a box cutter as such, but will this knife answer the purpose?

Ignore is an antonym for answer in reply topic.
Nearby Words: answered, answering, answerable, answerer, answerback
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Ignore verb – To fail to give proper attention to.
Answer is an antonym for ignore.
Nearby Words: ignorance, ignoring
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Common collocations

part answer part ignore part
request answer request ignore request
call answer call ignore call
problem answer problem ignore problem
Other nouns: death, time, way, threat, points, calls, problems, laws, pleas.

Both words in one sentence

  • The answer: ignore every negotiating ploy of Achilles's, walk up to him, and pop a cap in him — which he does.
  • Knights and Knaves The answer is to ignore them completely, as a -tall tower on a one acre desert island is impossible to miss.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Some questions are worded in a way to make you overthink them and thus ignore the incredibly obvious correct answer.
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