Antagonist and Henchman


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Antagonist noun – One that is hostile toward another.
Henchman is an antonym for antagonist.
Nearby Words: antagonistic, antagonism, antagonize
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Henchman noun – Someone who assists in a plot.
Antagonist is an antonym for henchman in follower topic.
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Similar words of antagonist
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Similar words of henchman
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How words are described

good good antagonist good henchman
female female antagonist female henchman
usual usual antagonist usual henchman
lead lead antagonist lead henchman
Other adjectives: dead, powerful, big, evil, bad, villainous, main, major, chief, former, mysterious, titular, last, different, recurring, said, intimidating.

Both words in one sentence

  • Production Posse Charles Nelson Reilly was also frequently cast as a henchman or lackey to the main antagonist.
  • Looking for a new title, an early English translator chose "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", naming the book after an interesting, but fairly minor character, a deaf, insane henchman of the antagonist.
  • Video Game / Rakenzarn Tales We also learn that Pete, whom we saw as a main antagonist (perhaps even the Big Bad) is in reality nothing more than a glorified henchman working for the real villains: the Saint Lords.
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