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Discovering and anticipating are semantically related in oracular topic. In some cases you can use "Discovering" instead an adjective "Anticipating", when it comes to topics like divining.
Nearby Words: anticipate, anticipation, anticipated, anticipatory, anticipant
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Defintions of Discovering not found.
Anticipating and discovering are semantically related in oracular topic. Sometimes you can use "Anticipating" instead an adjective "Discovering", if it concerns topics such as divining.
Nearby Words: discover, discovered, discovery, discoverable, discoverer
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  • Film / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney It turns out that Von Karma was anticipating this when he killed Gregory Edgeworth, who hadn't actually figured out the forgery, but was well on his way to discovering it.
  • Nothing Is Scarier The music swells, we're anticipating his shock and horror at discovering his girlfriend has been murdered, and then he finds... nothing.
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