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See and anticipating are semantically related. in expect topic. In some cases you can use "See" instead a verb "Anticipating".
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See verb – To make note of (something) through the use of one's eyes.
Anticipating and see are semantically related. Sometimes you can replace term "Anticipating" with "See", this verbs are similar.
Nearby Words: seen, seeing
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  • He does, however, hold it in regards to not anticipating Harry skipping school to come home early to see how Elaine was.
  • Anime / Girls Und Panzer Der Film The first time we see the university team, they've just beat a team of Pink Panthers.◊ Wrong Genre Savvy: The Matilda II commander who got caught in Duck Team's garage ambush in the show tries to invoke genre savviness by anticipating Duck Team's appearance in her rear.
  • Everything Is an iPod in the Future At the end of Star Trek IV, we very briefly see the NCC-1701-A Enterprise's bridge, which is just the STTMP bridge set painted completely white with black touchscreens◊, anticipating the iPod style in 1986.
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