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Person and anybody are semantically related in one topic. In some cases you can use "Person" instead the word "Anybody" as a noun or a pronoun.
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Person noun – A member of the human race.
Anybody and person are semantically related in one topic. You can use "Anybody" instead the word "Person" as a noun or a pronoun.
Nearby Words: personal, personality, personate, personage, persona
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  • Comic Book / Birds of Prey How this all reconciles with other events (Such as her very public marriage to Green Arrow/Oliver Queen without anybody then knowing that Arrow and Queen are the same person) has yet to be explained.
  • While he's a charmer and a people person (if amoral), he still can't directly interact with anybody anymore, as they've been rendered as an unreadable grey silhouette with an incoherent voice.
  • Not only is he suicidally devoted to anybody who happens to need his help, he also took care of his deadbeat parents as a child instead of running away like a sensible person.
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