Apathetic and Unconcerned


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Apathetic adjective – Having or showing a lack of interest or concern.
Usage example: people of conscience cannot be apathetic about the great suffering in this world

Unconcerned is a synonym for apathetic in uninterested topic. In some cases you can use "Unconcerned" instead an adjective "Apathetic", when it comes to topics like indifferent, disinterested, unexcited, unemotional. popular alternative
Nearby Words: apathy, apathetically
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Unconcerned adjective – Having or showing a lack of interest or concern.
Usage example: a featherbrain completely unconcerned about the important issues of the day

Apathetic is a synonym for unconcerned in indifferent topic. You can use "Apathetic" instead an adjective "Unconcerned", if it concerns topics such as characteristic, disinterested, unexcited, uninterested. popular alternative
Nearby Words: unconcern, unconcernedly
Synonyms for Unconcerned

Things that words describes

manner apathetic manner unconcerned manner
guy apathetic guy unconcerned guy
way apathetic way unconcerned way

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Penguins of Madagascar Apathetic Citizens: The film starts with a long row of penguins who are blindly marching in line (for a brief dip in a pool) and unconcerned about a runaway egg rolling past them.
  • Video Game / Legend of Legaia In fact, the abundance of entertainment in Sol has turned most of the residents into Apathetic Citizens, completely unconcerned with the Mist, yet also bored out of their minds.
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