Apathy and Care


Apathy noun - A lack of emotion or emotional expressiveness.

Care is an antonym for apathy in lack of interest topic.

Nearby Words: apathetic, apathetically


Care noun - Strict attentiveness to what one is doing.

Apathy is an antonym for care in carefulness topic.

How words are described

human human apathy human care
usual usual apathy usual care
public public apathy public care
complete complete apathy complete care
Other adjectives: total, genuine, critical, real, constant, extreme, serious, little, bad, social, happy, personal, general, universal, apparent, less.

Both words in one sentence

  • Sudden loss of care for dangerous activities, beyond that possibly explained by apathy or experience.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy occurs when a conflict exists that simply lacks any reason for the audience to care about how it is resolved.
  • Apathy Killed the Cat: In stark contrast to Omega, Alpha's trials appear to fail because only a few people care about the victims, or about the consequences of mistrialing if it doesn't directly involve them or someone they care about.
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