Apathy and Emotion


Apathy noun - A lack of emotion or emotional expressiveness.
Usage example: the apathy of the people of that war-torn country comes from their having seen too many horrors

Emotion is an antonym for apathy in lack of interest topic.

Nearby Words: apathetic, apathetically


Emotion noun - Depth of feeling.
Usage example: the emotion that the singer is able to instill in “Amazing Grace” is truly stirring

Apathy is an antonym for emotion in mental state topic.

How words are described

human human apathy human emotion
pure pure apathy pure emotion
current current apathy current emotion
genuine genuine apathy genuine emotion
Other adjectives: sheer, open, obvious, actual, real, extreme, serious, little, happy, personal, general, universal, apparent, less, negative.

Both words in one sentence

  • Apathetic Citizens Rather sudden after 66 hours of apathy, but at least they finally showed some emotion.
  • The Habbalah from In Nomine are able to impose anger, hatred, depression, love/attraction, fear, or nearly any other emotion upon others, they can also impose "emptiness" which is essentially a state of total emotionless apathy.
    Source: Emotion Bomb
  • Series / The Secret Circle It's suggested his apathy is due to Jake's belief that "emotion leaves the door open to unwanted emotions such as grief, sadness and possibly love." He hides his real feelings behind his secondary emotions as noted by Faye who knows him the best.
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