Apparently and Presumably


Apparently adverb - To all outward appearances.
Usage example: apparently, her husband didn't know the cake was for the raffle, since he helped himself to a piece

Presumably is a synonym for apparently in as if topic. In some cases you can use "Presumably" instead an adverb "Apparently", when it comes to topics like seemingly. popular alternative

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Presumably adverb - To all outward appearances.
Usage example: presumably he's going on the trip for business reasons, but we have our doubts

Apparently is a synonym for presumably in as if topic. You can use "Apparently" instead an adverb "Presumably", if it concerns topics such as likely, seemingly, on the face of it, it would seem. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • He also, apparently, wrote lower-than-necessary safety standards for starship equipment; presumably for similar reasons.
  • Reforged Blade The actual reforging is passed over lightly, and was apparently performed by Kylorin the Archwizard himself — so presumably, it was magical in nature, rather than involving hammers and anvils.
  • Recap / Doctor Who S31 E10 "Vincent and the Doctor" Eleven has apparently just taken Amy there, though presumably not at the same time, or he took her to the same-named region in Greece.
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