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Appeal noun – The power of irresistible attraction.
Usage example: that hot new actress has a certain indescribable appeal

Charisma is a synonym for appeal in attraction topic. In some cases you can use "Charisma" instead a noun "Appeal", when it comes to topics like like, fascination, charm.
Nearby Words: appealing, appealed, appealable
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Charisma noun – The power of irresistible attraction.
Usage example: a movie star with great charisma

Appeal is a synonym for charisma in charm topic. You can use "Appeal" instead a noun "Charisma", if it concerns topics such as like, attraction, fascination, magnetism.
Nearby Word: charismatic
Synonyms for Charisma

How words are described

emotional emotional appeal emotional charisma
good good appeal good charisma
physical physical appeal physical charisma
better better appeal better charisma
Other adjectives: natural, certain, sheer, strong, real, massive, great, little, sexual, personal, general, less, maximum.

Both words in one sentence

  • Wrestling / Dean Ambrose While he isn't a Pretty Boy like Seth or a conventionally handsome Hunk like Roman, he is good-looking in his own right and his charisma combined with the "bad boy" vibe he gives off gives him more sex appeal than both.
  • Mr. Imagination He also imagines himself to be Barry White in order to be confident with women and increase his charisma and sex appeal.
  • Film / It Based on an Advice Book: The idea of "it" as a slang term for sex appeal, charisma, magnetism, etc, was popularized by Glyn in a 1927 feature in Cosmopolitan, in which she wrote about how people can supposedly attract others to them.
    Source: Film / It
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