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Archaic adjective – Having passed its time of use or usefulness.
Usage example: a man with some archaic notions about the proper sphere for women

Medieval is a synonym for archaic. In some cases you can use "Medieval" instead an adjective "Archaic".
Nearby Word: archaism
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Medieval adjective – Having passed its time of use or usefulness.
Usage example: get rid of that medieval kerosene stove—it stinks and it's dangerous

Archaic is a synonym for medieval in old topic. You can use "Archaic" instead an adjective "Medieval", if it concerns topics such as old-fashioned.
Nearby Words: medievalism, medievalist
Synonyms for Medieval

Things that words describes

style archaic style medieval style
culture archaic culture medieval culture
equivalent archaic equivalent medieval equivalent
society archaic society medieval society
Other nouns: clothing, characters, technology, game, version, weaponry, stories, weapons, societies, versions.

Both words in one sentence

  • Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe In Cervantes' Don Quixote, the protagonist often, but not always, speaks in mock-medieval Spanish, imitating the intentionally archaic language of chivalric romances.
  • Like Eblan, it's apparently a blend of medieval Japan and medieval Europe; Cyan correspondingly looks like a mix of a samurai and a knight (he wields a katana, but his facial features are very European, especially the style of his mustache, and Garamonde is an archaic English surname).
    Source: Wutai
  • The fact that most domains in the Land of Mists are less than 200 years old also helps spare it from accusations of Medieval Stasis; Barovia is over twice that old, but is openly derided as an archaic backwater by its neighbors.
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