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Arid adjective – Causing weariness, restlessness, or lack of interest.
Lush is an antonym for arid in dry topic.
Nearby Word: aridity
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Lush adjective – Covered with a thick healthy natural growth.
Usage example: they loved to go for picnics in the lush woodlands

Arid is an antonym for lush.
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Similar words of arid
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Similar words of lush
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Things that words describes

beauty arid beauty lush beauty
land arid land lush land
environment arid environment lush environment
setting arid setting lush setting
Other nouns: world, landscape, mountains, grass, valley, wasteland, wilderness, planet, vegetation, planets, areas, landscapes, environments, jungles.

Both words in one sentence

  • Patchwork Map This occurs in Colombia, where the arid scrub grass covered llanos abut directly against the lush rainforests.
    Source: Patchwork Map
  • Disney / The Lion King To sustain them, the prey must breed like wildfire, consequently resulting in overgrazing, turning the lush Pridelands into an arid wasteland.
  • Video Game / Guild Wars 2 The Silverwastes, added November 2014, while now arid desert, was once the lush jungle/forest known as the Silverwood in Guild Wars: Prophecies.
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