Aristocrat and Gentleman


Aristocrat noun - A person of high birth or social position.

Gentleman is a synonym for aristocrat in cavalier topic. In some cases you can use "Gentleman" instead a noun "Aristocrat". popular alternative

Nearby Words: aristocratic, aristocracy


Gentleman noun - An honorable and courteous man.
Usage example: was such a gentleman that he offered to call a cab for me

Aristocrat is a synonym for gentleman in cavalier topic. You can use "Aristocrat" instead a noun "Gentleman", if it concerns topics such as well-born person. popular alternative

Nearby Word: gentlemanly

Both words in one sentence

  • He also makes sure everybody knows he's better than them, yet he remains a perfect British aristocrat and gentleman.
  • Literature / Village Tales He'd be a Gentleman and a Scholar, if he weren't too much the Duke, the aristocrat, to be a mere gentleman.
  • Comic Book / Die Abrafaxe Gentleman Thief: Played with Angélique de Beautéville in the Race Around the World arc; she is a former (?) cat-burglar who married French aristocrat Louis comte de Beautéville.
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