Army and Individual


Army noun - A large body of men and women organized for land warfare.
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Synonyms for Army

Individual is an antonym for army in military force topic.

Nearby Words: armed, arming


Individual noun - A member of the human race.

Army is an antonym for individual.

How words are described

human human army human individual
good good army good individual
single single army single individual
loyal loyal army loyal individual
Other adjectives: strong, powerful, actual, real, evil, capable, new.

Both words in one sentence

  • Gero's androids; he was the mastermind behind the aforementioned Red Ribbon army, and consequently decided to beat Goku at his own game in retribution: Creating one individual with the power of an entire army.
  • It can be an individual soldier, an object or whatever, but if you destroy or tamper with it, the entire army is immediately disabled.
    Source: Keystone Army
  • Losing the Team Spirit: Rather than individual morale, an army's morale provides an alternate victory condition aside from killing all of them.
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