Army and Swarm


Army noun - A great number of persons or creatures massed together.
Usage example: a vast army of loyal fans in line for the band's farewell concert
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Synonyms for Army

Swarm is a synonym for army in people topic. In some cases you can use "Swarm" instead a noun "Army", when it comes to topics like group, crowd, big, group resembling military force. popular alternative

Nearby Words: armed, arming


Swarm noun - A great number of persons or creatures massed together.
Usage example: a swarm of tourists descends upon the island every summer
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Synonyms for Swarm

Army is a synonym for swarm in people topic. You can use "Army" instead a noun "Swarm", if it concerns topics such as group, crowd, large, big. popular alternative

Nearby Words: swarming, swarmed

How words are described

full full army full swarm
regular regular army regular swarm
endless endless army endless swarm
small small army small swarm
Other adjectives: strong, entire, real, massive, large, big, enormous, huge, evil, main, private, new, larger, last, literal, veritable, said, giant, largest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tabletop Game / Cthulhu Tech An army of Deep Ones lurk below the waves of the ocean, planning to swarm the land and enslave/transform its people.
  • In Looking for Group, Cale is leading an army to reinforce the Northlands allaince, several comics show them getting closer an closer ending in a dramatic pose complete with ralying battle cry as they are about to swarm over the last hill and reach the besieged Bloodrage camp.
  • Moral Event Horizon / Film In Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Prince Nuada starts off by unleashing a swarm of ravenous tooth fairies in a room full of people; the tooth fairies ate every last bit of everyone in that room till there was nothing left of them.
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