Arrange and Confuse


Arrange verb - To come to an agreement or decision concerning the details of.

Confuse is an antonym for arrange in topics: put in an order, make plans, prepare musical composition differently.

Nearby Words: arrangement, arranging, arranger


Confuse verb - To undo the proper order or arrangement of.
Usage example: vandals had hopelessly confused the papers in the office files

Arrange is an antonym for confuse in mix up topic.

Nearby Words: confusion, confusing, conflation

Common collocations

party arrange party confuse party
people arrange people confuse people
time arrange time confuse time
matters arrange matters confuse matters

Both words in one sentence

  • Ninja Prop But the minimap also accurately reflected the colours of the terrain, and since everything was Built with LEGO it was possible to arrange a couple of dozen blocks of approximately the right colour on the ground to confuse the opposing team.
    Source: Ninja Prop
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