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Arrange verb – To put into a particular arrangement.
Usage example: arrange the flowers so that the taller ones are at the center of the bouquet

Groom and arrange are semantically related In some cases you can use "Groom" instead a verb "Arrange".
Nearby Words: arrangement, arranging, arranger
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Groom verb – To make ready in advance.
Usage example: the hotel's penthouse suite is being groomed for a royal visit

Arrange and groom are semantically related in brush topic. Sometimes you can use "Arrange" instead a verb "Groom".
Nearby Words: groomed, grooming, groomsman
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Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Story of Seasons You must feed the animals, groom them, and show them affection, and you can arrange to breed them through one of the vendors.
  • Video Game / Crusader Kings The Maiden Name Debate: In very rare cases, characters can arrange matrilineal marriages, whereby the groom and any children the union may produce are adopted into the bride's dynasty instead of belonging to his own.
  • Bridezilla This all takes some planning—even the tent option requires getting the informal permission of the neighbors if you don't want to piss anyone off—and so the expectation is that the groom's family arrange things (as part of the dower), and if the bride's family helps, it's seen as them being nice.
    Source: Bridezilla
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