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Artillery noun – Large firearms (as cannon or rockets).
Usage example: during the brutal artillery attack families hid in their cellars

Weapons and artillery are semantically related. in weaponry or military unit topic. In some cases you can use "Weapons" instead a noun "Artillery". popular alternative
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Defintions of Weapons not found.
Artillery and weapons are semantically related. You can use "Artillery" instead a noun "Weapons". popular alternative
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  • Video Game / Napoleon: Total War Napoleon: Total War puts more focus on ranged weapons and artillery than all previous games in the series, though artillery is not the dominant force on the battlefield (as it was in the actual Napoleonic Wars).
  • Let's Fight Like Gentlemen In combat, Clan pilots verbally acknowledge a target and engage them one-on-one, (generally) avoid melee combat in their BattleMechs, and do not use area-of-effect weapons or artillery.
  • Web Video / The Great War Despite the innovations in automatic weapons and artillery, the chief commanders at the beginning of the war were still stuck in the 1800s, sending out men en-masse to rush enemy formations.
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