Assist and Hinder


Assist verb - To provide (someone) with what is useful or necessary to achieve an end.
Usage example: you can assist families in need by donating old clothes in good condition

Hinder is an antonym for assist in topics: facilitate, help.


Hinder verb - To create difficulty for the work or activity of.
Usage example: was not hindered by a lack of money because she could use what food she had on hand

Assist is an antonym for hinder in prevent topic.

Nearby Words: hindrance, hindered, hindering

Common collocations

humanity assist humanity hinder humanity
link assist link hinder link
movement assist movement hinder movement
hero assist hero hinder hero
Other words: people, someone, team, cause, escape, detective, player, times, players, movements, allies, heroes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Relationship Values If you help them, then when they see you they might assist you in return, but if you hinder them, they will become more aggressive.
  • Film / The Bourne Series We All Live in America: It appears the CIA can do almost anything they want in any European country while the local authorities dutifully assist them, or at least don't do anything to hinder them.
  • Walking Spoiler And then he goes on to be declaired "the most important character in Homestuck" in-universe, and in Act 6 he has a habit of showing up in the strangest and more sudden places, both to hinder up the post-scratch kids and to assist the Big Bad in his session.
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