Assistance and Hand


Assistance noun - An act or instance of helping.
Usage example: thank you for your assistance in helping me change my flat tire

Hand is a synonym for assistance in help topic. In some cases you can use "Hand" instead a noun "Assistance", when it comes to topics like helping hand. popular alternative

Nearby Words: assist, assistant, assisted, assisting


Hand noun - An act or instance of helping.
Usage example: the downstairs tenant gave us a hand getting the heavy dresser up the stairs

Assistance is a synonym for hand in help topic. You can use "Assistance" instead a noun "Hand", if it concerns topics such as gift. popular alternative

Nearby Words: handle, handy, handed, handful, handhold

How words are described

good good assistance good hand
best best assistance best hand
direct direct assistance direct hand
alien alien assistance alien hand
Other adjectives: actual, real, little, magic, major, mechanical, possible, extra, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Etrian Odyssey Helping (or sabotaging) them is optional, but if you do help, towards the end of the plot as you advance towards the final few bosses, the soldiers you helped appear and hand over several healing items as they thank you for the assistance.
  • Western Animation / Pearlie She has assistance in Jasper, her right hand elf, although he prefers chilling out to real work.
  • Series / Agent Carter After getting easily flipped by Peggy, Jarvis reverses her hand of assistance, trips her and ends up on top, only for Jarvis's wife Ana to appear.
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