Assistance and Resistance


Assistance noun - An act or instance of helping.

Resistance is an antonym for assistance in help topic.

Nearby Words: assist, assistant, assisted, assisting


Resistance noun - The inclination to resist.

Assistance is an antonym for resistance in fighting topic.

How words are described

good good assistance good resistance
high high assistance high resistance
special special assistance special resistance
best best assistance best resistance
Other adjectives: small, actual, real, little, slight, psychic, magic, supernatural, less, minimal, limited, military, extra, additional, significant, magical, soviet.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Resistance The British resistance forces later in the game do noticeably better during war sequence levels, although they still need your assistance to make any headway.
  • Imperial players can get particularly involved on Balmorra and Corellia, which are facing planetary-scale resistance to their occupiers, while Republic players offer assistance to La R√©sistance.
  • Fanfic / With This Ring He grows out of it thanks to the Ophidian giving him a soul and lending her assistance with her resistance, though some skilled magicians can get around it.
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