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At heart adverb – In reality.
Fundamentally is a synonym for at heart in basically topic. In some cases you can use "Fundamentally" instead an adverb phrase "At heart", when it comes to topics like in reality. popular alternative
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Fundamentally adverb – In essence; at bottom or by one's (or its) very nature.
At heart is a synonym for fundamentally in basically topic. You can use "At heart" instead an adverb "Fundamentally", if it concerns topics such as essentially. popular alternative
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  • He does get somewhat better though, while still remaining fundamentally the same person at heart.
    Source: Dirty Coward
  • Literature / Don Camillo Not So Different: Don Camillo and Peppone may represent completely opposing ideologies, but they are equally pugnacious, scheming, corrupt, unsophisticated... and fundamentally decent at heart.
  • While it's acknowledged Chayne may have a point that some humans are utterly terrible and humanity as a whole is far from perfect, they are fundamentally good at heart and should come to peace with their flaws rather than attempt to ignore them like Chayne.
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