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Attend verb – To take charge of especially on behalf of another.
Usage example: tired of attending other people's children, the nanny was eager to have a child of her own

Watch is a synonym for attend in care for topic. In some cases you can use "Watch" instead a verb "Attend", when it comes to topics like apply oneself, pay attention. popular alternative
Nearby Words: attending, attendance
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Watch verb – To take notice of and be guided by.
Usage example: watch what I do when I run into that kind of problem

Attend is a synonym for watch in look at topic. You can use "Attend" instead a verb "Watch", if it concerns topics such as care for, guard, escort, pay attention to. popular alternative
Nearby Words: watchful, watched, watcher, watching
Synonyms for Watch

Common collocations

play attend play watch play
performance attend performance watch performance
match attend match watch match
execution attend execution watch execution
Other nouns: show, opening, movie.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comicbook / Orphanimo Vallalkozo does not actually attend it, but he does watch it on a navigation system turned into an improvised tv.
  • Sadist Teacher He forces the students of Prufrock Preparatory School to attend six hour concerts, and punishment for not showing up is having to buy him a large bag of candy and watch him eat it.
  • Boarding School of Horrors Nonetheless, students must attend his lengthy violin recitals every day, or else they must buy him a large bag of candy and watch him eat it.
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