Attention and Care


Attention noun - A state of being aware.
Usage example: several mothers brought to the committee's attention the deplorable condition of the playground

Care is a synonym for attention in courtesy topic. In some cases you can use "Care" instead a noun "Attention", when it comes to topics like characteristic, carefulness, mindfulness. popular alternative

Nearby Words: attentive, attentively


Care noun - Strict attentiveness to what one is doing.
Usage example: reading the report with more care the second time, she detected several errors

Attention is a synonym for care in caution topic. You can use "Attention" instead a noun "Care", if it concerns topics such as characteristic, courtesy, carefulness, concern. popular alternative

How words are described

loving loving attention loving care
good good attention good care
full full attention full care
special special attention special care
Other adjectives: particular, better, public, due, poor, real, constant, extreme, great, serious, little, personal, immediate, less, extra, greater, medical, parental, psychiatric.

Both words in one sentence

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