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Attention noun – A focusing of the mind on something.
Weight and attention are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Weight" instead a noun "Attention".
Nearby Words: attentive, attentively
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Weight noun – A special notice or importance given to something.
Usage example: put extra weight on the matter by putting it at the top of the agenda

Attention and weight are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Attention" instead a noun "Weight".
Nearby Words: weigh, weighty, weighted, weighting, weighed
Synonyms for Weight

How words are described

high high attention high weight
physical physical attention physical weight
full full attention full weight
special special attention special weight
Other adjectives: equal, similar, short, considerable, heavy, actual, real, massive, increased, great, serious, little, excessive, personal, less, negative, further, extra, greater, added.

Both words in one sentence

  • Explaining Your Power to the Enemy One minor Baroque Works member tries to explain her "Kilo Kilo" weight-altering ability and how she uses it in combat, but no one pays her any attention.
  • The reasons for this vary: the fact that they haven't been paying as much attention to their weight could mean apathy, what with them not caring about the world enough to watch their weight.
    Source: Formerly Fit
  • Video Game / Flight Rising Occasionally invokes this trope for players who pay attention to their dragons' listed size and weight.
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