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Attractive adjective – Having an often mysterious or magical power to attract.
Usage example: world travel has always been very attractive to me

Engaging is a synonym for attractive in appealing topic. In some cases you can use "Engaging" instead an adjective "Attractive", when it comes to topics like like, seductive, good-looking. popular alternative
Nearby Words: attract, attraction, attractiveness, attracted, attractively
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Engaging adjective – Having an often mysterious or magical power to attract.
Usage example: movie stars often have an engaging aura that is hard to describe

Attractive is a synonym for engaging in charming topic. You can use "Attractive" instead an adjective "Engaging", if it concerns topics such as like, appealing. popular alternative
Nearby Words: engage, engaged, engagement, engagingly
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Things that words describes

woman attractive woman engaging woman
cast attractive cast engaging cast
characters attractive characters engaging characters
actor attractive actor engaging actor
Other nouns: sister, traits.

Both words in one sentence

  • Fan Disservice / Film Shame features Michael Fassbender engaging in sex with numerous attractive women in full, NC-17 rated glory.
  • Fire and Ice: The villain, Nekron, is very effeminate and is actually repulsed by the idea of mating with the very attractive Teegra while practically drooling over her brother, Taro, and engaging in a flirty duel with Larn, the young warrior who would be Teegra's lover.
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