Authoritative and Official


Authoritative adjective - Being the most accurate and apparently thorough.
Usage example: this book is considered the most authoritative source on that subject

Official is a synonym for authoritative in true topic. In some cases you can use "Official" instead an adjective "Authoritative", when it comes to topics like accurate, definite, authentic, authorised. popular alternative

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Official adjective - Ordered or allowed by those in authority.
Usage example: the official languages for those Olympic Games were French and English

Authoritative is a synonym for official in authorized topic. You can use "Authoritative" instead an adjective "Official", if it concerns topics such as true, accurate, definite, authentic. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Although the Lions don't have an acknowledged leader (Owen is named official leader in chapter 2, but doesn't do much particularly authoritative and is gone by the end of episode 5), Duncan is the de facto leader.
  • Jossed However, some arguments are still ongoing as to how any or all of these elements should be interpreted, whether they are actually authoritative or just part of the in-universe "official history" that might not match the possibly hidden truth of a plan already based on lies and deceit.
    Source: Jossed
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