Awkward and Inexpert


Awkward adjective - Showing or marked by a lack of skill and tact (as in dealing with a situation).
Usage example: her awkward handling of the seating arrangements at the wedding reception resulted in many hurt feelings

Inexpert is a synonym for awkward in clumsy topic. In some cases you can use "Inexpert" instead an adjective "Awkward".

Nearby Words: awkwardness, awkwardly


Inexpert adjective - Lacking or showing a lack of expert skill.
Usage example: an inexpert attempt at putting on an outdoor concert

Awkward is a synonym for inexpert in inept topic. You can use "Awkward" instead an adjective "Inexpert", if it concerns topics such as clumsy, inexperienced, amateurish.

Nearby Words: inexperience, inexpertly
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