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Bad person noun – A person who does harm to others.
Criminal and bad person are semantically related. in wrongdoer topic. In some cases you can use "Criminal" instead a noun phrase "Bad person", when it comes to topics like someone hated or competed against.
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Criminal noun – A person who has committed a crime.
Bad person and criminal are semantically related. You can use "Bad person" instead a noun "Criminal".
Nearby Words: crime, criminality, criminate, criminally, criminalize
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Both terms in one sentence

  • Underestimating Badassery is when a criminal or otherwise bad person believes they have some advantage that lets them believe they can get away with picking on a superpowered person.
  • Mugging the Monster is when a criminal or otherwise bad person doesn't realize that they are picking on a superpowered person.
  • Discworld / Going Postal Even Evil Has Standards: Deconstructed; despite being an unashamed Con Man and criminal Moist believes himself to not be a particularly bad person because he has certain standards (never killing people, only pulling his cons on those who 'deserve' it, and so forth).
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