Badness and Character


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Badness noun – The state or quality of being utterly evil.
Character is an antonym for badness.
Nearby Word: bad
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Character noun – Conduct that conforms to an accepted standard of right and wrong.
Usage example: we need more people of sound character in public office

Badness is an antonym for character.
Nearby Words: characteristic, characterize, characterless, characterization, characterized
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  • The goodness or badness of the rebellion boils down to the whether the rules-bending character follows or ignores the intent of the law.
  • Creator / Allison Pregler aka: Obscurus Lupa Too Happy to Live: Has a meter running in Angel of Fury to measure the amount of badness that will happen to the main character in proportion to how happy they are at the moment.
  • Whenever a character in the story mentions that "that's the lamest and most cliché plot device ever", it's actually worse than not mentioning it, since the author acknowledges its badness (for the lack of a better word), but still uses it anyway.
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