Bait and Please


Bait verb - To attack repeatedly with mean put-downs or insults.

Please is an antonym for bait in needle topic.

Nearby Words: baited, baiting, baiter, baity


Please verb - To give satisfaction to.

Bait is an antonym for please.

Nearby Word: pleased

Common collocations

person bait person please person
men bait men please men
family bait family please family
audience bait audience please audience
Other words: king, mother, fans, shippers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Correction Bait Please only list in-universe examples here - some people may think every Real Life Correction Bait is intentionally done, which is not true.
  • Fan Hater Due to past messes, please avoid Take That statements, flame bait, "This Troper" blurbs, redundancy and redundancy.
    Source: Fan Hater
  • Film / Movie 43 Schmuck Bait: Invoked by Richard Roeper in his review:As the ads for "Movie 43" promised (threatened?), you can't un-see this thing, so please: Stay away.
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