Bait and Worry


Bait verb - To attack repeatedly with mean put-downs or insults.

Worry is a synonym for bait in harass topic. In some cases you can use "Worry" instead a verb "Bait", when it comes to topics like feelings.

Nearby Words: baited, baiting, baiter, baity


Worry verb - To experience concern or anxiety.

Bait is a synonym for worry in harass topic. Sometimes you can use "Bait" instead a verb "Worry", if it concerns topics such as feelings.

Nearby Words: worried, worrying, worrier

How words are described

good good bait good worry
genuine genuine bait genuine worry
single single bait single worry
obvious obvious bait obvious worry
Other adjectives: blatant, actual, real, constant, big, serious, little, major, greatest.

Common collocations

character bait character worry character
mother bait mother worry mother

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Oz: The Great and Powerful Bait-and-Switch Boss/Right Behind Me: Oz discovers Finley tied up in vines, begging to be freed before he gets eaten.Oz: Don't worry, the vines aren't going to eat you.
  • Film / I Am Sam Bait-and-Switch Comment: The godmother in court when ask by Rita if she was worried about Lucy's future, she says she does, but not for the reasons we would expect: Rita: So, what you're saying is ... you don't worry about Lucy's future.
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