Barrier and Inhibition


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Barrier noun – A physical object that blocks the way.
Usage example: there was a big barrier plastered with signs saying “Keep Out” around the trash compactor

Inhibition is a synonym for barrier. In some cases you can use "Inhibition" instead a noun "Barrier".
Nearby Words: barrie, barriering, barriered
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Inhibition noun – Something that makes movement or progress difficult.
Usage example: without the inhibition of their jackets, the boys were able to wrestle more vigorously

Barrier is a synonym for inhibition in obstacle topic. You can use "Barrier" instead a noun "Inhibition", if it concerns topics such as restriction, curb.
Nearby Words: inhibit, inhibited, inhibiting, inhibitor, inhibitory
Synonyms for Inhibition

How words are described

emotional emotional barrier emotional inhibition
natural natural barrier natural inhibition
main main barrier main inhibition

Both words in one sentence

  • Even the Guys Want Him Kei/Megumi Yoshikawa reluctantly filled this role in the The Day of Revolution and all bets are off after he Jumps The Gender Barrier and his (now her) True Companions are no longer subject to that particular inhibition.
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