Bastard and Fake


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Bastard adjective – Falling short of a standard.
Usage example: a bastard knockoff of a far superior thriller

Fake is a synonym for bastard in illegitimate topic. In some cases you can use "Fake" instead the word "Bastard" as an adjective or a noun.
Nearby Words: bastardize, bastardy, bastardised
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Fake noun – An imitation that is passed off as genuine.
Usage example: experts declared that one of the museum's prized paintings was actually a fake

Bastard is a synonym for fake. Sometimes you can use "Bastard" instead the word "Fake" as an adjective or a noun.
Nearby Words: faked, faking, faker
Synonyms for Fake

How words are described

old old bastard old fake
good good bastard good fake
complete complete bastard complete fake
brutal brutal bastard brutal fake
Other adjectives: stupid, selfish, actual, real, big, great, evil, bad, horrible, self-proclaimed.

Things that words describes

message bastard message fake message

Both words in one sentence

  • The Full Monty: Mark Addy, the 'fat bastard', did a fake American accent for four years on Still Standing.
  • Literature / The Lightbringer Series Armor-Piercing Slap: Karris does this to Gavin the fake when she learns that he cheated on her while they where engaged and, as a result, has a bastard.
  • Their captain, Fake Luffy, acts like this by using Luffy's reputation (especially his rather colorful heritage) to do what he wants — since he isn't the real Luffy, he's a bastard, but not an actual entitled bastard.
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