Beak and Nose


Beak noun - The part of the face bearing the nostrils and nasal cavity.
Usage example: the man's prominent beak gives him a somewhat aquiline appearance
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Synonyms for Beak

Nose is a synonym for beak in body topic. In some cases you can use "Nose" instead a noun "Beak", when it comes to topics like place, prow, organ. popular alternative

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Nose noun - The part of the face bearing the nostrils and nasal cavity.
Usage example: with that nose, the baby sure looks like his father

Beak is a synonym for nose in body topic. You can use "Beak" instead a noun "Nose", if it concerns topics such as place, prow, organ, snout. informal substitute

Nearby Words: nosed, nosey, nosing, noser, noseband

How words are described

long long beak long nose
similar similar beak similar nose
short short beak short nose
fake fake beak fake nose
Other adjectives: green, round, sharp, large, big, enormous, huge, blue, little, tiny, flat, crooked, false, black, white, new, pointed, yellow, larger, wide, pink, giant, red, elongated, longer, oversized.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tengu Sometimes their large nose or beak might be part of a mask rather than an integral part of their own anatomy.
    Source: Tengu
  • Comic Strip / Bloom County When Opus made his debut (June 26, 1981) and for some time thereafter, he looked somewhat more like a penguin, with a much smaller nose/beak.
  • Opus the Penguin had his own Art Evolution, looking very much like a penguin when he first appeared as a minor character, only to grow a much larger beak/nose for no particular reason as he became the central character in the strip.
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