Beautiful and Grotesque


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Beautiful adjective – Very pleasing to look at.
Usage example: a strikingly beautiful child who is being eagerly pursued by all the modeling agencies

Grotesque is an antonym for beautiful in physically attractive topic.
Nearby Words: beauty, beautifully, beauteous
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Grotesque adjective – Disagreeable to one's aesthetic or artistic sense.
Usage example: the gaudy, overdecorated interior of the gambling casino was just too grotesque for my taste

Beautiful is an antonym for grotesque in ugly topic.
Nearby Word: grotesquely
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Similar words of grotesque
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Things that words describes

character beautiful character grotesque character
man beautiful man grotesque man
woman beautiful woman grotesque woman
body beautiful body grotesque body
Other nouns: creature, appearance, form, art, way, face, example, characters, world, mother, version, eyes, examples.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Grotesque His grotesque, neanderthal-type appearance led to the "Beauty and the Beast" storyline with the beautiful Miss Elizabeth and his most famous feud against Randy Savage.
    Source: The Grotesque
  • One-Winged Angel: Necanthropes, who are powerful and range from "inhumanly beautiful" to "inhumanly grotesque".
  • Video Game / Halo 4 Art Evolution: While they were never exactly beautiful, the Covenant are somewhat more grotesque in 4 than they were in previous games.
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