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Beauty noun – The qualities in a person or thing that as a whole give pleasure to the senses.
Usage example: her beauty was enough to take your breath away

Charm is a synonym for beauty in loveliness topic. In some cases you can use "Charm" instead a noun "Beauty", when it comes to topics like property, elegance, attractiveness, appeal. popular alternative
Nearby Words: beautiful, beautify, beautifully, beaut, beau
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Charm noun – Something worn or kept to bring good luck or keep away evil.
Beauty is a synonym for charm in property topic. You can use "Beauty" instead a noun "Charm", if it concerns topics such as elegance, attractiveness, appeal, enchantment. popular alternative
Nearby Words: charming, charmed, charmingly, charmer, charmless
Synonyms for Charm

How words are described

pure pure beauty pure charm
natural natural beauty natural charm
perfect perfect beauty perfect charm
certain certain beauty certain charm
Other adjectives: original, sheer, actual, great, little, dark, inhuman, youthful, feminine, supposed, supernatural, new, incredible, traditional, mysterious.

Both words in one sentence

  • Proud Beauty She is confident enough to persuade stallions to help her with various things through her beauty and charm.
    Source: Proud Beauty
  • Beauty Equals Goodness Swords and Scorcery Creature Collection - Subverted with False Lovers, paragons of charm and beauty, who can effortlessly win the hearts and souls of any who look upon them.
  • Alexandra Townsend is a toned-down example, but still uses her stunning beauty and charm in her operations for Free Mercia.
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