Beauty and Dream


Beauty noun - Something very good of its kind.
Usage example: that fish is a beauty

Dream is a synonym for beauty in good-looking person topic. In some cases you can use "Dream" instead a noun "Beauty".


Dream noun - Something very good of its kind.
Usage example: the Alaskan cruise exceeded their wildest expectations—it was a dream of a vacation

Beauty is a synonym for dream in delight topic. Sometimes you can use "Beauty" instead a noun "Dream".

How words are described

original original beauty original dream
true true beauty true dream
wild wild beauty wild dream
actual actual beauty actual dream
Other adjectives: real, evil, little, terrible, beautiful, new, mysterious, impossible.

Both words in one sentence

  • We wouldn't dream of going ashore without the bait...Er... ing... beauty, the... bathing beauty!
    Source: The Bait
  • Dream pop's indie status means that its bands don't have access to incredibly advanced equipment or funds in their quest for sonic beauty.
    Source: Dream Pop
  • Literature / Beauty Queens Unspoken Plan Guarantee: The beauty queens come up with a detailed plan for the Miss Teen Dream Pageant but it fails and they have to improvise.
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