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Beauty noun – A lovely woman.
Usage example: she was quite a beauty in her younger days

Looker is a synonym for beauty in beautiful topic. In some cases you can use "Looker" instead a noun "Beauty", when it comes to topics like babe, good-looker, good-looking person. informal substitute
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Looker noun – A physically attractive person.
Usage example: a college campus that has its fair share of lookers

Beauty is a synonym for looker in beautiful topic. You can use "Beauty" instead a noun "Looker", if it concerns topics such as babe. popular alternative
Nearby Words: look, looked, looking
Synonyms for Looker

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  • Tabletop Game / The Witcher: Game of Imagination I Was Quite a Looker: All old priestesses of Freyja, since they are picked as teens by merit of their beauty, and only the most beautiful girls presented during the initiation ceremony are chosen.
  • Literature / The Princess Diaries I Was Quite a Looker: Grandmere's beauty has seen better days and now is wrinkly with tattooed make up and drawn on brows, she and Mia note she was quite a beautiful fashionista in her youth.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: While narrating the story, Laura admits her beauty has faded.Tho' my Charms are now considerably softened and somewhat impaired by the Misfortunes I have undergone, I was once beautiful.
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