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Beauty noun – Something very good of its kind.
Usage example: that fish is a beauty

Lulu is a synonym for beauty. In some cases you can use "Lulu" instead a noun "Beauty". slang substitute
Nearby Words: beautiful, beautify, beautifully, beaut, beau
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Lulu noun – Something very good of its kind.
Usage example: joked that the streaker gave a lulu of a performance

Beauty is a synonym for lulu in winner topic. You can use "Beauty" instead a noun "Lulu", if it concerns topics such as something extraordinary.
Synonyms for Lulu

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  • Beauty Mark From Final Fantasy: Lulu and Fang both have beauty marks to accentuate their statuses.
    Source: Beauty Mark
  • Film / Pandora's Box Title Drop: The prosecutor in her trial says that Lulu is like Pandora, luring men with her beauty but bringing evil.
  • I Have Your Wife As Lulu was overweight and homely, her being kidnapped averted the usual "damsel in distress" convention of a stark-raving beauty being kidnapped … often because the criminals knew that Boss held Lulu dear to his heart and that they could exploit this to get him to give in to their demands.
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