Beauty and Peach


Beauty noun - A lovely woman.
Usage example: she was quite a beauty in her younger days

Peach is a synonym for beauty in looker topic. In some cases you can use "Peach" instead a noun "Beauty", when it comes to topics like good-looker. informal substitute


Peach noun - Something very good of its kind.
Usage example: fondly remembers his old Studebaker as being a peach of a car

Beauty is a synonym for peach in outstanding example topic. You can use "Beauty" instead a noun "Peach". popular alternative

Nearby Word: peachy

Both words in one sentence

  • Beauty, Brains and Brawn Peach - Beauty; she fights with traditionally feminine "weapons" (such as a Frying Pan of Doom), daintily floats, and has a non-damaging final smash.
  • In an episode of Wedding Peach, the message is that no matter if you are fat or thin, true beauty comes from within.
  • Video Game / Mario Party Beauty Is Never Tarnished: In 2, the most you can do to Peach's portrait in the Face Lift game her hair.
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