Becoming and Unsuitable


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Becoming adjective – Meeting the requirements of a purpose or situation.
Usage example: that's a particularly becoming dress for the dance

Unsuitable is an antonym for becoming in topics: appropriate, suitable, flattering.
Nearby Words: become, becomingly
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Unsuitable adjective – Not appropriate for a particular occasion or situation.
Usage example: all the movies playing now are violent or otherwise unsuitable for a child's birthday party

Becoming is an antonym for unsuitable.
Nearby Word: unsuitably
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  • But he figures he can earn both social status and a good income by becoming a priest, so he pursues that unsuitable vocation, fully aware of his hypocrisy.
  • This is because few women opt to become werewolves (or survive the process of becoming one), and because female werewolves in this series almost always miscarry during their change, making them unsuitable mates for males who want to be fathers.
  • Hollow World aka: Hollow Earth According to the backstory, Earth's sun was becoming unstable, and because Earth itself was physically unsuitable, the planet's stellar engineers took Mars and expanded it, hollowed it out, and terraformed it until it was completely unrecognizable to serve as a new home for the evacuated human race.
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