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Before adverb – So as to precede something in order of time.
Later on is an antonym for before.
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Later on

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Later on adverb – Happening at a time subsequent to a reference time.
Before is an antonym for later on in happening after topic.
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Both terms in one sentence

  • Kneel Before Zod Later on in "Forced Kin", a giant alien robot manages to defeat the Powerpuff Girls, take over Townsville and make the entire town kneel before it.
  • Manga / Rosario + Vampire Similar thing happens later on when Fang-Fang and Yukari switch bodies, but Yukari stops Fang-Fang before he can have any fun.
  • Manly Tears Aba saw this, with Abare-Black combining these with a Rousing Speech before joining Abare-Red and Deka-Red in battle (early in the show, way before the big combined henshin scene later on).
    Source: Manly Tears
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